Two Grocery Stores, Two Lessons

Yesterday, I went to Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe's is doing something rightUnfamiliar with it? It has small tropical-themed stores, good to high-quality products, unusual brands and lots of neat imported “foodie” products (hence the “Trader”). There are free samples and friendly, knowledgable people. A lot of products have natural or organic ingredients. And nothing is sale-priced, ever. It’s all priced fairly to begin with.

It does have a limited selection. It’s not one-stop shopping like Target or Walmart. But I actually have fun shopping at TJ’s.

Then, on to Safeway

Most Safeway stores are big and beautiful. Their people are nice. They carry fine products, with many choices. What’s not to like? Continue reading

The Trust Deficit

Does your company or brand earn your customers’ trust every day?  If it doesn’t, you’ve got problems that transcend marketing and marketing messages.

Do you trust the Better Business Bureau? Watch the video before answering.

Trust issue #1: Performance

I had a client in the telecom business who told me that the problem with his customers (already a bad start, isn’t it?) was that they blamed him and his phone systems every time phone service went down due to the Internet service provider. Well now. If my system went down every week, I’d blame the guy who advised me to buy it, too. Continue reading