Dave Martin, Founder Of The Martin Agency

Dave Martin's portrait by Luis BrielAs a young copywriter, I was lucky to fall in with a good crowd: The Martin Agency, founded by Dave Martin in 1965. 

Dave passed away Tuesday. I didn’t know him well, other than he was a gentleman, a good father, humble and respected by all.

But I want to share some observations about how he set his small ad agency in Richmond, Virginia, on a course to become one of the world’s greats. (You know their work for Geico, Walmart, Discover Card, FreeCreditReport.com and the “What Can Brown Do For You Campaign” for UPS.)

I was hired as a rookie copywriter at The Martin Agency a few years after college, just before Christmas 1981. It felt like the big time, though the agency only had about 25 employees.  Continue reading

Thank you to WalMart, The Martin Agency, and our troops

It’s not too often you want to thank a company and its ad agency for a commercial. Here’s a wonderfully touching spot. Congratulations to all involved.

Most important, thanks to every one of our service men and women, and their families, especially during the holiday season.

If any of you Martin folks read this, please send along some credits.

Who’s doing a great job of marketing to you personally?

As marketers, we’re well aware of the big brands that do a great job in branding and marketing: Nike, BMW, Apple, Southwest, etc, etc. I find it more interesting to take a look at lesser-known companies who do a great job of marketing to me, personally, and see what lessons I can learn. Continue reading

The death of (bad) advertising

Joseph Dumont writes a great piece at imediaconnection.com on how interactive is displacing traditional advertising. But in pushing his argument a little too far, he also unintentionally makes a good case for truly great broadcast creative, versus the less compelling kind. Continue reading