Social Media Automation: Yea, or Nay?

Social media automation

Don’t be an evil robot

Geoff Reiner is one of the really outstanding folks I’ve met through blogging and Twitter. A few days ago, he posted “Does Social Media Automation Increase Engagement?

For the moment, I’m not so concerned about that particular question. Social media automation is a tool. Like any other tool, it can be used for good or abused.

My question is, are you using it for good, or evil? Continue reading

How not to engage in social media: A personal story

Coca-Cola North America does more marketing in a day than most of us do in years. And judging by the record, they do it extremely well. At the risk of seeming picayune, here’s some constructive criticism. Continue reading

“Social media? Our customers don’t use it!”

Tip of the hat to Peter Shankman for finding this:

So, you think your audience is too old for social media? AARP is a pretty sharp marketing organization (whatever you think of their politics). They don’t think their audience is too old. You wanna rethink what you thought you knew?