Make your marketing stronger: Focus

Want to make your marketing message unique? Relevant? Powerful? Then focus on solving the hardest problems for your customers.

Soft focus equals soft salesI worked with a great art director way back when. His favorite expression was, “If it were easy, anyone could do it.” It’s unassailable logic, and more true now than ever.

By focusing on the hardest problems, you’ll be forced to innovate. You’ll be able to do things that no one else does, or can do. You won’t be all things to all people – you’ll be the only thing for a lot of people. How much better for your business and your message.

In marketing-speak, that’s called “differentiation.” And “positioning.” It means you’ll have a story no one else can tell. Here are some examples.

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Who’s doing a great job of marketing to you personally?

As marketers, we’re well aware of the big brands that do a great job in branding and marketing: Nike, BMW, Apple, Southwest, etc, etc. I find it more interesting to take a look at lesser-known companies who do a great job of marketing to me, personally, and see what lessons I can learn. Continue reading