See’s Candies

How do you communicate the taste of food in print advertising – especially in black and white?

There’s no formula. But like anything else, you have to make an emotional connection. Superior design sure helps. The wonderfully evocative art direction is by Chris Chaffin, one  of the great art directors/designers to come out of the legendary Hal Riney & Partners, San Francisco.

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Our goal was always to sell product and build the brand at the same time. It’s a lesson that should be taken to heart today, whether you’re selling candy or technology.

For radio, of course, we attempted the same thing: sell product, build the brand.

• More See’s advertising, in no particular order. Click to images to enlarge or play:

How do you feel about chocolate covered raisins?

Have you tried the hard stuff?

ValentineAnniversary ad

  • Copy for all samples by Barrett Rossie
  • Art director and creative director on all See’s creative: Chris Chaffin
  • For more samples, visit the portfolio page
  • For updates on Twitter,  follow at@barrettrossie

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