Nike Fashion

In this campaign for Nike, we solved a long-standing problem by helping the client stay true to the brand.

“The skater off ice.
Wayne Gretsky, Edmonton Oilers”

Nike is best known for high-end footwear and apparel. Yet most of its revenue came from the low end — socks, t-shirts, sweats and relatively inexpensive shoes with the swoosh logo. We needed to support retailers like Macy’s, Sears and JC Penny, who sold these lines. And we wanted to make the low-end, non-technical product credible expressions of the Nike brand.



“The ball player.
Bo Jackson, Kansas City Royals”

The problem was, Nike couldn’t use premier athletes to sell low-end equipment. If Michael Jordan were selling low-end basketball shoes, no one would believe it.

Our solution: Use some of Nike’s underused stable of athletes as fashion models. Each athlete modeled non-technical gear that didn’t conflict with the technical requirements of their sport-specific training or competition. Gretsky in casual sweats. Agassi in aerobic gear. Jackson in something he might wear while weight lifting.

“The road to Forrest Hills.
Andre Agassi, tennis pro.”

The campaign gave Nike a chance to use many of their great athletes for the first time, including Gretsky, Agassi and Jackson; as well as golfer Julie Inkster, tennis pro Molly Van Nostrand, basketball star Sidney Moncrief and football star Boomer Esiason.

Art Director: Rick McQuiston
Creative Directors: Dan Wieden, David Kennedy
Photographer: William Coupon

Key insights

When extending a brand, reinforce the brand values and image. Here, we were able to use serious athletes to extend the values of Nike and its athletes beyond the narrow scope of their most technical gear.

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