CLG “Green” campaign

Chevron Lummus Global was a joint venture between two global giants in refining and engineering, Chevron and ABB. Chevron is a leader in refining technology, especially technology that can refine “low-quality” crude into high-quality products. As oil prices rise, more sophisticated and expensive refining technologies help refiners generate profit from lower-quality grades of crude oil.

Chevron eventually jumped on the “green” bandwagon, with technologies that support cleaner-burning fuels. Chevron really does have a good story to tell. (Compare Chevron’s clean-burning technology to BP’s hollow and cynical “beyond petroleum” strategy.)

In the refining technology category, “water-white” is jargon for a high level of purity. Hence the fish in this ad directed to lubricant manufacturers.

Here’s an earlier ad, that emphasized experience. I’m not sure how much their global customers valued in experience, in a category where the differences in experience are a matter of degree. What was really missing: a rock-solid value proposition, that offered an objective measure of value.


Copy for all samples by Barrett Rossie

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