Click the thumbnail images below to go to a page with creative samples and some discussion of each client or campaign.

In each case my role was copywriter; at times I was strategist and creative director. Feel free to email me with questions.

Wayne Gretsky for Nike FashionSee's Candies ads and radio commercialsChevron Base Oils print
Hal Riney MJB Coffee radio commercialSpeedo swimsuit adsNike Charles Barkley TV commercial Piedmont Airlines print ads
Nike print adsConnoisseur of Travel webRigNet webKINK-FM TV spots
World Telemetry webChevron CLG "Green"Chevron/CLG branding campaignCal Scott, KINK-FM True To The Music TV
Burton-Ching Ltd print campaign

  • Copywriter for all samples: Barrett Rossie
  • Join me on Twitter: @barrettrossie


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