An Eleven-Month Vacation… From Blogging

If you have followed this blog, you may know that I’ve let it slide for about a year. Coming back to it now, I’d like to share a few things I found interesting.

1. Traffic still comes to the site

Now, this site has never driven lots of traffic. 100 page views would make a big day. But even after not adding new content in nine months, or my own content in eleven months, certain posts still get a decent amount of regular traffic. If blogging is part of your business strategy, it’s good to remember that effective posts might bring you traffic for years to come. Inbound marketing is still for real, isn’t it?

2. Google no longer tells you where your traffic comes from

Google now withholds key information in analytics as well as their Adwords tools. They don’t tell you what sites or what keywords bring you traffic. A lot of people aren’t happy about it, but… what are you going to do?  Google has become a near monopoly and they’re flexing their muscle. Over the past year, we’ve also learned about how the NSA the uses Google and perhaps how Google participates with the NSA. Does all this make you like Google less? I wonder how much Google has hurt its brand over the past year, and how much it really matters.

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Luck Is A Four-Letter Word: Guest Post By Brian Meeks

Henry Wood: Time and Again, by Brian MeeksNOTE: I’m excited and proud to present my first guest blogger ever — and a future best-selling author to boot!  Brian Meeks is the author of Henry Wood Detective Agency (which you can get FREE from Amazon if you hurry) and the new Henry Wood: Time and Again. You can also read several of his novels on his engaging blog. His post is here because I got hooked on his blog, and then his novels, and I need you to read his stuff so we can discuss! 

by Brian Meeks

There is a type of person that is allowed to roam freely and, I believe, even pro-create. A person so vile, so hideous in every regard, that they should almost be considered another species. They live for only one purpose…to crush souls. I hate them.

Who are these people?

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Marketing Your Startup Business: A Quick Guide

Building a new business can be scary. Here are some marketing tips.

Marketing doesn’t have to be as scary as other parts of building a new business

One of my favorite marketing blog posts was written in April 2009 by HubSpot co-founder Dharmesh Shah. He called it Startup Marketing: Tactical Tips From The Trenches. 

“If I were starting a company today,” Dharmesh wrote, “here’s what I would do in the first ten days.”

In that same spirit, here’s a rough outline of steps I’d recommend for businesses just getting started. I hope someone who’s starting a business finds it useful. Credit where credit is due, some of these suggestions are pretty similar to what Dharmesh wrote nearly four years ago.

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Social Media Automation: Yea, or Nay?

Social media automation

Don’t be an evil robot

Geoff Reiner is one of the really outstanding folks I’ve met through blogging and Twitter. A few days ago, he posted “Does Social Media Automation Increase Engagement?

For the moment, I’m not so concerned about that particular question. Social media automation is a tool. Like any other tool, it can be used for good or abused.

My question is, are you using it for good, or evil? Continue reading

Are You A Social Media Expert?

Are you a social media expertThe only Facebook company page I ever set up looks the same now as when I left the company three years ago. They’re down to 26 likes. Most are my relatives, who were nice enough to like the page at my request, just to see what happened.

I’m not really a Facebook guy. I have about 100 friends. My Facebook name (please don’t report this TOS violation) is Cousin Barrett. That’s because most of the 100 are cousins, aunts, uncles, other distant relations, people with whom I went to school and whose wedding I was in.

On the other hand, I was using social before it was called social.

I used AOL chat rooms in the early 90s for international soccer discussions and computer advice from Kim Komando. Continue reading

Taking Social Media By The Horns, Where You Live

Josh Wade of Nectar MediaThis post is about a social media conference, in Spokane, Washington.

And the guy who’s presenting it.

And a conference where you live.

And you.

Please read on.

This Tuesday, September 25, 2012, at Spokane’s Red Lion Hotel Convention Center, if you’re lucky enough to have a full day and $149 to invest in your vital continuing business education, you can attend Go Social,  hosted by Nectar MediaContinue reading

For Marketing: Dump The “We” Questions; Ask About “Them”

Marketing must be customer-centered

For questions of marketing strategy, the answers usually begin with the customer.

But what if you’re asking the wrong questions?

Sometimes we’re forced to focus like a laser – on our own problems, objectives and processes. It’s understandable. But it can turn our point of view inward, when we should be focused on the customer.

Here are some inward-looking “we” questions that can lead to the wrong answers, followed by the kinds of questions – about “them,” the customers – that businesses ought to be asking.

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I Need Some WordPress Advice

Blog Machine

Blog Machine (Photo credit: digitalrob70)

It’s time for a new WordPress theme, and I need your help.

Maybe just some pointers will do.

This old theme has served me well for three years. It was free­ – and worth the price. But I’m taking my blogging a little more seriously now, and want an upgrade.

So I’m asking for your thoughts and advice, both general and specific. Continue reading

5 For The Weekend, Vol. 6

The All-Inbound Blog "5 For The Weekend" is late this week. Sorry.

My Rolex-Submariner took a licking, then stopped ticking

Sorry to be so late.

Here’s your weekend, almost half over, and I’m just getting around to posting this week’s 5.

I come with lame excuses. First, my knock-off Rolex stopped. Then the nice folks at Arment-Dietrich’s Spin Sucks blog kept me tied up much of Friday. Thanks again to them, and their whole blog community.

Back to the matter at hand: This is unofficially Lady’s Weekend. Our first two links celebrate women pioneers in advertising. Not because they’re women, but because of what they accomplished.

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5 For The (Long) Weekend, Vol. 5

Five Great Marketing Links For The (Long) Weekend

No turkeys in this week’s “5”

Here in beautiful Spokane, our two-month summer unofficially ends with the approach of Labor Day. I saw a guy this morning in line for a cheese and sausage biscuit dressed in full ski regalia. The good times never last, do they?

(To you Virginians and North Carolinians: You’re jealous of our 75° days and 42° nights now… but you won’t be by October, believe me.)

With no further ado, here are five great marketing links for your long weekend reading pleasure.

So: Summer interns, for the last time, the envelope, please:  Continue reading