5 For The Weekend, Vol. 6

The All-Inbound Blog "5 For The Weekend" is late this week. Sorry.

My Rolex-Submariner took a licking, then stopped ticking

Sorry to be so late.

Here’s your weekend, almost half over, and I’m just getting around to posting this week’s 5.

I come with lame excuses. First, my knock-off Rolex stopped. Then the nice folks at Arment-Dietrich’s Spin Sucks blog kept me tied up much of Friday. Thanks again to them, and their whole blog community.

Back to the matter at hand: This is unofficially Lady’s Weekend. Our first two links celebrate women pioneers in advertising. Not because they’re women, but because of what they accomplished.

And now, without further ado, the envelope please:

1. Shelly Lazarus: Pioneering Advertising Executive
– Makers.com (video)

Here’s a salute to the former CEO and Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. She oversaw accounts for Coke, IBM, American Express, Dove, Nestlé – nice little account. I think you’ll enjoy hearing her story, in her own words.

2. The Overview: “We Try Harder” 1962 – Paula Green, Copywriter
– Project Re:Brief by Google (video)

Paula Green wrote the line “We Try Harder” for Avis, which I wrote about in my previous post.  The video introduces Green, then explores how Google and Avis tried to extend the iconic ad slogan into a new era of digital marketing with Green’s help. I’m not so sure the executions really hit home, for reasons we can discuss in the comments if you’d like. But you have to give them high marks for effort. Plus, you get a brief look inside look the advertising process at two large companies.

3. Mobile Marketing 2015: Rethink Customer Acquisition, Intent Targeting
– Occam’s Razor blog
by Avanash Kaushik

Avanash is kind of like Seth, Bruce and Madonna: He only needs one name. He’s Google’s digital marketing evangelist. I don’t think anyone knows more about using analytics to derive insights that can drive business. At least, few data geeks have his enthusiasm and communication skills. This is a great piece on mobile marketing, how it’s being underutilized and where it might go in the future. If you’ve ever been skeptical of mobile marketing, this is for you.

4. Big Data Analytics: A Destabilizing Force More Than A Civil Rights Issue
– Haunted by Marketing blog,
by Lori Witzel

This is Lori’s response to Alistair Croll’s “Big Data Is Our Generation’s Civil Rights Issue And We Don’t Even Know It.”  The point is not to take sides on the issues generated by the incredible amount of personal data that’s being gathered, stored and used in ways we don’t even know. The point is to try to gain some understanding. I highly recommend Lori’s take and the link to Croll’s original post.

5. Fighting Cancer… Again
– Six Pixels of Separation blog,
by Mitch Joel

We’re going to end on a serious note. Although this strays from our marketing focus, I wanted to share Mitch’s post about his young friend who was diagnosed with leukemia. I think you’ll be touched by the story, and maybe even inspired to do something about it.


* * *

That’s this weekend’s five.  What great marketing articles have you read online recently?


6 thoughts on “5 For The Weekend, Vol. 6

  1. Bill, you probably spend 20 hours a week reading online. You sure you need 5 more on the weekend?

    That said, I really like this week’s 5.

    And Virginia rolled over Penn State. Well, they won. Kind of. Go Hoos!

    ps: Friday was interesting. Really caught me off guard!
    barrett recently posted..Avis: A Vague New Slogan

  2. Barrett–thank you for finding this. Amazing stuff on the Google reimagining of Avis and working with Paula Green. What was not to love about this way of inviting the customer into the process of helping Avis ‘try harder’ by easily providing feedback on the website or mobile, then rewarding the person with their own video? I would have gone for it in a NY minute.

    To me this is not a new campaign by any means, but a way of engaging the current customer base and bringing in new customers by serving up that Avis is listening to you. It took an aspect of the original campaign, ‘You don’t need Avis. Avis needs you. Avis never forgets this.’ and brings it into modern interactive consumer engagement.*

    But I noted the new CMO’s reaction was tepid at best. NIH? (Not invented here?) And darn, I would have been genuflecting at Paula Green’s feet.

    *For several years in my early time at Avis, I ran a nicely produced newsletter for travel agents called…”The Listener.” And in those DM days, it was interactive (we got feedback by mail and by CRS). I didn’t come up with the name, I can’t recall who did, but talk about imprinting in the DNA?

  3. I love “The Listener,” what a great concept. It would be a great blog title!

    Yes, I noticed the marketing director’s tepid reaction too. But I cut her some slack because I’m sure she’s not used to having her meetings filmed for public display. I’d have jumped up, hugged the creative team and danced on the table. But I’d have also used cusomers’ last names, their town, and maybe their photo. Like I noted, I had a few quibbles with the execution.
    barrett recently posted..Why Marketing Fails In Small and Midsize Businesses

  4. I love big ideas and good execution (and yes there are refinements always). I’d agree she held back, and that is something I did too when I was a “suit”. But when I really liked something, and felt it was bang on, it was hard for me NOT to show it then and there. But then, I came up from creatively oriented ad agencies and heck, I’m Italian-American.
    Donna Cusano recently posted..Eyelash-sized biosensor for measuring blood glucose (NL/DE)

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