5 For The (Long) Weekend, Vol. 5

Five Great Marketing Links For The (Long) Weekend

No turkeys in this week’s “5”

Here in beautiful Spokane, our two-month summer unofficially ends with the approach of Labor Day. I saw a guy this morning in line for a cheese and sausage biscuit dressed in full ski regalia. The good times never last, do they?

(To you Virginians and North Carolinians: You’re jealous of our 75° days and 42° nights now… but you won’t be by October, believe me.)

With no further ado, here are five great marketing links for your long weekend reading pleasure.

So: Summer interns, for the last time, the envelope, please: 

1. A Legal Perspective: Who Owns Social Media Profiles? –
Marketo B2B Marketing and Sales Blog by David Lizerbram

Do you own your company’s tweets or followers? Are you sure? Attorney Lizerbram looks at three recent cases. It’s a quick read, and valuable for anyone posting for a company – or any company that hires someone to create a social presence.

2. Avis Quits Trying Harder –
The Quisenblog by Mickey Lonchar (@MickeyLonchar

I wish Mickey Lonchar blogged more often (hint, hint). He writes from a vast store of knowledge and experience, and makes points clearly for marketing pros as well as casual observers. Here, the point is taglines, and why different approaches make sense for different companies. Oh, and he’s the first blogger from Spokane to make the “5”. Way to go Mick!

3. Advertising’s Bumpy Transition (And Why It Matters To You) –
Seth’s Blog by Seth Godin

Here’s an interesting perspective on media buying and selling from former media buyer/salesman and current digital marketing icon. In the transition from traditional to interactive media, there’s opportunity for advertisers and media alike. But both seem to be missing out right now.

4. For Exact Sciences, Approval May Be The Easy Part –
Seeking Alpha, by Stephen Simpson

When I read this post, and the comments that followed, it felt like peeking into another world: the business of medical technology. The category is colorectal cancer, a topic I take very seriously. It’s a great reminder of how difficult it can be to bring a product to market, and how the definition of “marketing” can vary from industry to industry. Is Exact Science (NASDAQ: EXAS) about to launch a breakthrough treatment that will lower costs and save lots of lives? If you want to know, you have to read the article.

5. I’m Blind. Please Leave My Sign Alone –
 Asbury & Asbury blog, by Nick Asbury

You know the great story about David Ogilvy and the blind man? You know “The Power of Words” video  from a UK agency that went viral a couple of years back? I ran across this snippy critique of the video and had a good chuckle. Maybe you will too.

* * * 

That’s my five for the week. I’d love to hear about any particularly great blog posts or online articles you’ve read lately. Please send them along in the comments below. 


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