5 For The Weekend, Vol. 4

Bill Dorman compares blogs to restaurants

Great record from 1967, not a restaurant or a blog

Combing the blogosphere, the Twitterverse and places that can’t be mentioned in polite company, our staff has uncovered five blog posts that make a fine weekend marketing read. 

Soon you’ll be asking yourself, “What kind of restaurant is this blog?” And wondering if you would bring a respectable date here.

You’ll have to read on to get the reference. 

Without further ado, or explanation, the winners are (the envelope, please): 

1. Treat Your Blog Like A Restaurant – BillDorman.me by Bill Dorman (@bdorman264

I’ve been looking forward to Bill writing about an actual marketing topic. (Blogging isn’t strictly marketing, but close enough.) He has written recently about The Matrix, being a nice person, honesty, human potential, oblivion, wierdness, smelly fingers – a strange but addictive menu. As always, this sociable insurance guy mixes humor and seriousness. Bill has definitely figured out something about blogging. If you’re interested in blogging, check out this post.


2. Be Your Authentic Self…No, Not That Authentic Self! –RocketWatcher Startup Marketing by April Dunford (@aprildunford

Truth be told, I wanted to highlight the RocketWatcher blog more than any particular post. Whether April Dunford’s topic is marketing strategy, particular tactics or insights about problems startups face, she writes with authority that comes from practical experience. She’s constantly throwing out new ideas for feedback — inviting her readers to grow along with her. If I were running a startup, I’d be checking this blog constantly.

This is a particularly insightful post about online authenticity. Sometimes you can be too authentic, as Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer of Canada learned.


3. The 20 Most-Watched TED Talks Ever – The TED Blog by Kate Torgovink (@TheKateBook

From the TED blog, here’s a list of their top-20 videos of all time. If you’re not familiar with TED — you’re in for a pleasant surprise. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, and sponsors talks with some of the brightest contemporary thinkers from numerous disciplines. The power of their ideas make for powerful viewing. It’s amazing how many ideas can get packed into a 20-minute presentation.

The top 20 includes Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking and Sir Ken Robinson. You’ve probably never heard of many on the list, but each one makes a big an impact. (One of my favorites TED talks didn’t make the list.) 

By the way, on TED’s homepage you’ll find a wonderful way to navigate all the content on the site.


4. Defining The New Marketing: Brian Halligan vs. Seth Godin – Bostinno.com by Walter Frick (@wfrick)

Walter Frick compares marketing icon Seth Godin’s breakthrough ideas on permission-based marketing with HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan’s inbound marketing mantra. Frick shows how these concepts complement each other, and gives context to how they developed.

As a huge fan (but not a customer) of HubSpot as well as Godin, I hope a lot of business owners read this post and take it to heart.


5. Independently Owned And Operated – Marketing Sherpa Blog by Emily Taylor

Here are three short and sweet videos of artists who are making hand-crafted posters for Jack Daniels. A very nice campaign, and a tribute to traditional American craftsmanship. Very fitting for the brand.

* * * 

That’s my five for the week. I’d love to hear about any particularly great blog posts or online articles you’ve read lately. Please send them along in the comments below. 

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  1. Ok, people are going to start talking if you keep dragging me around with you like this……

    Thanks for the mention; I’m not sure if there is a method to my madness but eventually I will get to the point. I liken it to us just sitting around and talking and you don’t want me to talk about the same thing every time, right?

    Of course, I could only talk about girls and sports; but not everybody in that audience for me reads, so I would have a lot of comments with just a ‘X’ for a reply……

    Just sayin’…..
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Treat your blog like a restaurant

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