5 For The Week, Vol. 2

Five Great Links For Your Weekend Marketing Reading

5 Great Links For Your Weekend Marketing ReadingOnce again, I’ve scoured the Internet to bring you five links to increase your marketing IQ while sipping your morning latte. This week’s 5 include: a large brand spilling the beans about how it grew into a social media leader in its industry; a fascinating timeline infographic on the history of marketing channels; an amazingly in-depth primer on getting more out of Twitter; and two thought-provokers on the nature of marketing and the relevance of advertising.

The envelope, please…

1. KLM’s Social Media Strategy – KLM Blog by KLM staff

This is actually a 4-part story that outlines the modest beginnings of KLM’s social media efforts through their growth into a more-than-50-person, multi-lingual, 24/7 operation (@KLM_US on Twitter). Even if your company has far fewer resources than KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, a lot of the issues will look familiar. The story gives any organization a road map for getting started in social media and aligning your program with an overall business strategy. It’s a nice insider view, and pretty cool of the airline to share.


2.  50 Innovative Ways To Use Twitter More Effectively – Simply Zesty

It’s exactly what the headline says, from media agency Simply Zesty, a UK social media agency (@SimplyZesty on Twitter). Unless you’re a certified Twitter guru, there’s a good number of these tips that will be news to you, and probably a number you’ll want to use. Thanks to Simon Woodford, @sdwoodford on Twitter, for pointing out this post.


3.  What Is Marketing? – B2B Marketing Insider by Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner (@BrennerMichael on Twitter) is senior director of integrated marketing for software giant SAP. His blog, the B2B Marketing Insider, is a tremendous resource for B2B marketers. Here, he gives us a short but thought-provoking piece that expands the standard definition and understanding of marketing. Michael’s blog is so good overall, there were several posts I could have included as a “best of the week” choice. Most of his posts are a of more practical, less philosophical nature. If you’re in the business of selling to business, you’ll want to spend some time there.


4. Infographic: History Of Marketing Channels Revisited – Avalaunch Media blog by Matt Siltala

Avalaunch is a social media service provider that seems to have a knack for creating interesting content. This infographic is a good example. You may quibble on some of the highlights — in fact, author Matt Siltala (@Matt_Siltala on Twitter) invites your scrutiny. They also invite you to post the graphic on your own website if you cite them as the copyright owner. I just might do that.


5. Marketing Is Dead – Six Pixels Of Separation by Mitch Joel

This blog is always thought provoking, possibly because few writers have such a broad perspective of new media and marketing. Here, Mitch (@mitchjoel on Twitter) writes about the misperception that advertising (not marketing) is dying. Kind a of jolt for those of us who are tempted at times to think that mass media is the land of dinosaurs.

I first ran across Mitch a couple of years ago in a webinar from HubSpot. I’d never heard so much excellent information in 60 minutes.

* * *

That’s my five for the week. Is there anything you’ll like to add to the list?

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