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Long before any of us had any concept of the web or blogs, Kenny G had something to say about the risks you take in expressing yourself. What he said then, with sax in hand, is timely for bloggers today:

Kenny G

“During the show I play completely  alone. The rest of the band leaves the stage and I sit there (he plays a quick sax riff to demonstrate) and do that stuff.And I mean I’m putting my neck right out there. If people don’t like it, I’m gonna be feeling terrible…But, yeah, you’re vulnerable.

Because whenever you express yourself honestly, you have to put yourself in a position to where people may not agree with what you’re saying or what you’re playing.

And if you can do that, and just feel inside that you’re doing the right thing, then you can live with it.”


If you’re a blogger, sometimes you find yourself taking a stand.

By definition, there will be those who stand against you. (Wouldn’t be much of a stand otherwise, would it?)

The key, as Kenny G emphasized: Honesty. Taking it a bit further for bloggers, a key part of honesty is good research. It doesn’t do much good to be truthful in a technical sense without doing your homework and checking your facts.

As a blogger who struggles to get traction, I’m looking for lessons from bloggers who are so good at engaging readers with honest opinions and/or great information that, frankly, it blows me away. Here’s just a few of my favorites, there are many more:

Spin Sucks with Gini Dietrich of Arment Dietrich
B2B Marketing Insider with Michael Brenner of SAP
Six Pixels of Separation with Mitch Joel of Twist Image
BillDorman of… Bill Dorman (he’s kind of out there in his own special corner of the universe)

Takeaway for bloggers

Do your homework and verify what you’re writing about. Express yourself honestly. And be prepared to respond with grace to those who disagree.

Looking back on what Kenny G said: It was pretty wise from guy who was about 30 years old at the time, don’t you think?

Note: The video is a TV commercial I made for KINK-FM, Portland, Oregon,
back in my Wieden + Kennedy days. 

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13 thoughts on “Musical Advice For Bloggers

  1. What???!!! You asked me to come over and take a look at this excellent post about honesty, vulnerability and sticking the neck out and you don’t even mention me?

    How’s that go?

    Kidding!!! We only have just met, like uhmm 2 days ago!

    You’re doing fine with from-the-heart presentations like this; keep on, and soon you’ll be where your faves are and even beyond.
    Jayme Soulati recently posted..The PR Benefit of Visionary Patagonia

  2. Well, saying that I know what I’m talking about might be a stretch, but out there in another universe is spot on.

    What you see is what you get; I probably wouldn’t surprise you in person. However, there are more layers to me than you will see online just because I am so closely tied to Lanier Upshaw, Inc. Not in an insidious way, just maybe a little more flavor.

    I might not can do much, but social I can do. For me, being online is just an extension of me in real life.

    Thanks for the mention sir; just stay the course.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..The potential to rock socks

  3. Gini of the Rich Diet, you are hard to keep up with.

    It’s funny that you ask that question. I have met a bunch of celebrities through work. I don’t actually “know” any. And now that I think of it, they are generally very personable on that superficial level.

    Kenny G seemed exceptional. And now, I’ll always think of the two of you together.

    He’s a lucky guy!!

  4. Glad I “stopped” by today – love how you weave stories/experiences from your life into take-aways for today. Thanks for the inspiration! (And yes, I’m another reader who knows who Kenny G is…though hadn’t heard these “wise” words from when he was 30 before! 🙂
    Dr. Ben recently posted..Morning Inspiration

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