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Weekend reading material

25 hours of poring over the web, then a break.

I spent about 25 hours scouring the blogosphere last week, poring over countless posts and articles on marketing, strategy and business in general, archiving my favorites, all to save you some time and make your weekend business browsing more enjoyable. Seriously.

Here are five articles I really enjoyed last week. Maybe there’s a nugget or two you can use.

1: Influencing Social Media Influencers: An Aria – by Don Peppers

Don Peppers and his partner Martha Rogers are leading experts on customer relationships, and have been writing best-selling books since their 1993 classic The One To One Future.

So I was thrilled when Don commented on my blog post last week, How Not To Engage In Social Media: A Personal Story. There, he referred to his blog post from February 2011, where he beautifully puts the uneasy feelings I had written about into crystal-clear context. (How could he have known in February 2011  about my misgivings in December? He’s actually world famous for predicting stuff like that.)

By the way, in the first line of Don’s post, he links to his How NOT To Do Social Media Marketing, which I highly recommend as well. Together, they’re a valuable lesson in social media marketing.

And no, I did NOT steal his title. Honest.

2. Using Technology to Monitor and Respond to Competitors – Gini Dietrich & Geoff Livingston

Do you monitor your competition? If you do, what will you do with what you learn? And if not, aren’t you taking a huge risk? Here’s a brief and insightful overview. If you like what you read, you may be interested in their recent book, Marketing In The Round.

3. Can Mountain Dew Make You Smarter Than Pinot Noir? – Roger Dooley 

This short post makes an interesting point about how others may perceive your intelligence.

Now the important thing here isn’t the interesting blog post itself. It’s that there’s an entertaining, easy-to-understand blog called Neuromarketing: Where Brain Science and Marketing Meet. Now if that doesn’t make your Google Reader list, what will?

4) In The Digital Arena – Amplified Evil vs. Amplified Goodness – Scott Klososky

They say the battle between good vs. evil has been going on since before humans were on the scene. So what are doing about it? Just using social media to intensify things.

Techno-business-futurist Scott Klososky provides a thought-provoking read whenever you want to get both the 30,000-foot view of how technology is affecting us, together with some illuminating extreme close-ups.  This post highlights the incredible threats and opportunities we deal with every day – and that few imagined a generation ago.

5) Get Your Story Straight… Because It’s The Key To Your Success – Robert Wright

I love the whole idea of vibrant, heroic company stories. And I love smart discussions about how to make your company’s stories more human and more compelling. Robert Wright gives you three factors to keep in mind as you’re getting your story straight, and making it strong. If you’re surrounded by an army of marketing consultants, you may have this stuff covered. But maybe not. Anyone who owns or manages a business needs to think of their company’s story in these terms.

There’s my five for the week. What about yours?

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