The future of education – and maybe the future of marketing

Here’s Sal Khan talking about his Khan Academy. To me, it looks like a stunning innovation in education.

So what’s this got to do with your marketing message?

“Marketing by education” is huge, especially in B2B markets. Just look at the crazy success of HubSpot, and all the free marketing education resources they and their partners pump out. (See: Google, Salesforce, Sequoia invest in HubSpot.)

Towards the end of Khan’s presentation, Bill Gates steps in and says “I think you’ve just got a glimpse of the future of education.”  I think it’s part of the future of marketing, too.

So the question becomes, no matter what size business you are, how can you can use video for your marketing? Should you offer webinars? Can you make better webinars by using some of Sal Khan’s ideas? What about video for customer service? Video messages on Facebook and blogs to help build your community – or honor your customers?

What’s stopping you?

6 thoughts on “The future of education – and maybe the future of marketing

  1. LOVED this TED talk Barrett. The applications for presenting marketing in this way are clearly viable too. Can we put the CampRossie joint on video? Thanks for the mind games! Dee

  2. Barrett,
    We are in the information age and platforms like YouTube allow use to stream video for free. I think you will see more companies using video in their marketing. I love companies that have video tutorials. Easy for me to learn and cuts down on questions to support center. Great post Barrett!

  3. Thanks Pete and Deanna.
    Pete, I think you were onto the “future” a few years ago! You’re right about the tutorials — Mr Khan’s ideas add a couple things to the mix: the information comes first, then the interaction with a teacher/customer relations specialist. Apple kind of does this already, but they charge for it at their One-to-One in-store service. Then there’s the interactivity of the tutorial. It all adds up to a very powerful experience. There’s a huge opportunity for some companies here, I think.
    Now… Mr Gates sees this as the future of education. What about the future of marketing for Microsoft?

  4. Barrett,
    Looking at this from a purely educational standpoint, I see a brilliant application for a certain population of people—of which Mr. Gates is widely believed to belong. People on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD) find interaction with others negative and anxiety provoking, which hinders learning. Furthermore, they would prefer to learn information of their choosing, on their own terms. While most comply during elementary school and even middle school, we are finding that many HFA and Asperger students either fail high school or are so disillusioned with conventional academics that they do not continue to learn outside their specific area of interest. Using Mr. Kahn’s brilliant access to educational content (and remembering that autistic brains are often visual in nature), students on the spectrum can thrive. Great stuff!

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