When raving fans spread your message

If you’ve crafted a tight and compelling company/brand story, exuberant fans will spread it for you. Your employees will work harder to play their part in the story. Here are a few videos, created by raving fans, that remind us that if you get your story straight, customers have unprecedented means of spreading it. The videos: 

Apple iPod Touch: 18-year-old British student Nick Haley created his own ad for Apple’s iPod Touch. Apple liked it so much, they brought him to LA to help produce a broadcast-quality version. More than 2.6 million people have seen Haley’s original version.


Chick-fil-A: Comedian Tim Hawkins performs his “Chick-fil-A Song” has more than 2.3 million YouTube hits – plus many thousands who have seen him perform the song live and on TV. (Not bad for what’s still basically a regional brand.)


Window 7 Phone: An example from Brandon Foy, an intern at Full Sail University for Motion Graphics + Compositing. (Won’t be an intern much longer!)


Ender’s Game: Fans are getting impatient waiting for the Ender’s Game movie, which has been stuck in development. But they still love author Orson Scott Card’s great sci-fi morality play, first published in 1985. Here’s fan Steven Davis’ tribute.


Businesses of every size should ask:  Are we doing enough to earn our customers’ love? And, in our company story – is the customer the main character?  (You may want to see my post on company stories for more on this topic.)

If you have other branded user-generated video favorites, please share in the comments.

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