No wonder Northwest Airlines is disappearing

I wrote about United’s terrible customer service here, so to be fair, here’s a story about Northwest, which will soon disappear as it is absorbed by Delta.Smart People Don't Fly Northwest

Yesterday and today, I had one of those “I’ll never fly this damned airline again” experiences on Northwest.

Because Northwest was late out of one airport, by its own fault (mechanical problems), and even later into the gate at the next airport, again by its own fault, at least a dozen of us missed our connecting flight when it would not wait even five minutes for us to arrive. Instead, they stranded us overnight in Detroit.

Here’s what happened. Continue reading

Bad month for United Airlines


Is customer service becoming more important every day? Or does it just seem that way, now that consumers have so much social media power at their disposal? (See Bad Day At The Beach.)

The video above, “United Breaks Guitars,” chronicles how the gentleman’s guitar suffered at the hands of United baggage handlers (see article). To United’s dismay, the video became a runaway YouTube hit.  Apparently, United doesn’t understand that it’s easier to make your existing customers happy than to find new customers.  Continue reading