An Eleven-Month Vacation… From Blogging

If you have followed this blog, you may know that I’ve let it slide for about a year. Coming back to it now, I’d like to share a few things I found interesting.

1. Traffic still comes to the site

Now, this site has never driven lots of traffic. 100 page views would make a big day. But even after not adding new content in nine months, or my own content in eleven months, certain posts still get a decent amount of regular traffic. If blogging is part of your business strategy, it’s good to remember that effective posts might bring you traffic for years to come. Inbound marketing is still for real, isn’t it?

2. Google no longer tells you where your traffic comes from

Google now withholds key information in analytics as well as their Adwords tools. They don’t tell you what sites or what keywords bring you traffic. A lot of people aren’t happy about it, but… what are you going to do?  Google has become a near monopoly and they’re flexing their muscle. Over the past year, we’ve also learned about how the NSA the uses Google and perhaps how Google participates with the NSA. Does all this make you like Google less? I wonder how much Google has hurt its brand over the past year, and how much it really matters.

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