Luck Is A Four-Letter Word: Guest Post By Brian Meeks

Henry Wood: Time and Again, by Brian MeeksNOTE: I’m excited and proud to present my first guest blogger ever — and a future best-selling author to boot!  Brian Meeks is the author of Henry Wood Detective Agency (which you can get FREE from Amazon if you hurry) and the new Henry Wood: Time and Again. You can also read several of his novels on his engaging blog. His post is here because I got hooked on his blog, and then his novels, and I need you to read his stuff so we can discuss! 

by Brian Meeks

There is a type of person that is allowed to roam freely and, I believe, even pro-create. A person so vile, so hideous in every regard, that they should almost be considered another species. They live for only one purpose…to crush souls. I hate them.

Who are these people?

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