Taking Social Media By The Horns, Where You Live

Josh Wade of Nectar MediaThis post is about a social media conference, in Spokane, Washington.

And the guy who’s presenting it.

And a conference where you live.

And you.

Please read on.

This Tuesday, September 25, 2012, at Spokane’s Red Lion Hotel Convention Center, if you’re lucky enough to have a full day and $149 to invest in your vital continuing business education, you can attend Go Social,  hosted by Nectar Media

I’ve attended a session by the presenter, Nectar Media’s Josh Wade. It was eye-opening – and that was a single hour two years ago. Tuesday ought to be on another level altogether.

I’ve watched Josh grow with social media. He’s used it to grow his popular Nectar Tasting Room as well as Nectar Media. He’s become an advocate and an ambassador for social media and its business practitioners.

Go Social will feature presenters who have become experts by diving into social media back when it was kind of a curiosity, sticking with it, and getting results. These are the real “gurus” – people who make their living in the trenches.

If you’re anywhere near Spokane, a day and evening at Go Social will be well worth your investment. Here’s Go Social event info, here’s Go Social registration.

This brings us to you and your town

I salute Josh for making Go Social happen. He’s bringing our small-market town a lot of value. Around here, social media isn’t just nice to have. We need social media to compete with folks in bigger markets where publicity and dollars are easier to come by.

Sound like your town?

Chances are, there’s an event like Go Social near you. It could be your social media launch pad.

It can make you better at social and digital marketing.

It can give you essential understanding of how to integrate social into a comprehensive business strategy.

It can help you develop relationships with local folks who can support you technically, strategically and morally.

What if there’s NOT an event near you?  

There was no Go Social in Spokane either, last year. This year, Josh Wade made it happen.

You could make something similar happen in your town. Bring up the idea, and others will want to join in.

Just look at all the sponsors and partners Josh put together.

If you want to know how Josh did it, I bet he’d love to hear from you through his site, or on Twitter at @nectarmedia 

Social media people are like that. They like to hear from each other, and help each other.

Speaking of which: Please share this post before Tuesday, any way you prefer, with any friends who might be interested. Many thanks!

(Disclaimer: I have no involvement in Go Social other than wanting it to succeed, and more businesses to succeed with social media. What about you?)






11 thoughts on “Taking Social Media By The Horns, Where You Live

  1. You can be that guy, you can make it happen.

    It’s always interesting to me to see these people having success in social and I’ve never heard of them and I feel like I’m pretty social. I’ll check this out.

    I do agree that with a little effort you can make one of these happen in your town. Hmmmmm

    Go Noles………
    Bill Dorman recently posted..The man, the myth, the legend…

  2. Hi Barrett

    I can’t imagine there’s a whole lot of social media events going on in Musselburgh, where I live. It’s only 5 miles out of the centre of Edinburgh though. Maybe those folks from the big city might want to help me out!

    I’ve been meaning to write a post about how my town should use social media, so maybe this will spur me on.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great week.

    Tim Bonner recently posted..Are You Paying Too Much For AWeber?

    • Thanks Tim. I admire so much the people who make things happen, usually by taking no small amount of risk.

      I’d encourage you to find other folks in Musselburgh and just get together. Have a tweetup. Who knows what will happen. And invite your Edinburgh friends, they’ll be thrilled to get away from town for a bit. 😉
      barrett recently posted..I Need Some WordPress Advice

    • Sadly, I could only be there half a day. But there were a lot of happy people buzzing around after the morning activities. I hope this becomes an annual thing.

      I read a very little of your blog Craig, but I’ll be back for more. You had an interview with Gini Dietrich! Cool! If you ever speak around these parts please let me know, I’d like to be there.
      barrett recently posted..Why Marketing Fails In Small and Midsize Businesses

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