Do your employees hate working for you?

What’s the fastest way to kill your brand?

We can all think of lots of ways. But one of the fastest must be to make your employees hate their job. is a 6-year-old website that lets employees rank their employer according to specific criteria, leave comments, be they nice or scathing.

It’s not a perfect website by any means. One company that I’m a fan of has a negative rating… from someone who doesn’t even work there. Such are online ratings and reviews. You have to read carefully to see if someone is gaming them.

At the same time, some of the rants against supposedly great companies are devastating. is picking up steam. How do I know? I had never heard of it two months ago. Since then, three different people have forwarded me stories about it. According to, JobVent gets nearly 8,000 hits a day. I’m betting it grows quite a bit in the next few months.

For the health of your brand, and your company, you want to make sure your own staff are not among the disaffected telling the world what a lousy employer you are.

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