“5 reasons you no longer need an ad agency”

This post by Sean X Cummings covers a favorite topic: the evolution of the ad agency business. There’s plenty to agree and disagree with in Sean’s post. If you’re currently with an agency, or own one, maybe you’ll agree with the post, and at the same time think: He’s talking about OTHER agencies… We’re different.

The fact is, agencies must constantly reinvent themselves. They’ve been doing so ever since computers started showing up on the desktop.

At the same time, agency clients must constantly evolve the way they connect with their own customers. Cummings argues that more than ever, most of the important work of marketing must be managed and generated from within the client, not from external sources.

Yet obviously, there’s still a big role for certain kinds of agencies — for certain kinds of clients.

Give it a read, and think where you fit in, either as an agency or a client. And don’t miss the comments below the post.

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