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It’s becoming more and more rare to run across a website and think, “I wish I had done that.” Or even, “What rock have I been hiding under?” Here are three such sites — taken together, they may help you see the role of the corporate website in a new way.

A warning before you click on the links: These are not the “throw all the money you can into the solution” kind of websites that you might expect. These sites go in a completely different  direction.

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These sites may well change the way people think about their company’s website. From a marketing perspective, I find them a exciting and a bit scary — they’re going to make some marketers and managers to question their website status quo.

I have a client who recently told me: “I don’t want to put YouTube videos on my site because the YouTube logo looks tacky. People will think we’re a tacky brand.” I tried to persuade him otherwise, that the smart use of YouTube makes him look smart. I think he’s coming around.

I don’t know how well the sites above solve particular marketing problems or create opportunities for their brands. But I have the feeling we’ll be seeing many more brands taking advantage of existing public social media infrastructure. And it’s going to force some very traditional brands in unglamorous categories to become greater providers of content. After all, it’s the emerging language of the web.

It makes you wonder how long the existing website paradigm will last.

* * *

Finally, credit where credit is due: I found these sites via a great article by Adam Broitman. Check him out.

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