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PringlesAdIn a purely entertainment, this Pringles banner is wonderful. But it raises a few questions about the marketing value.

When people click the ad, what about it would make anyone buy the product? Is there anything compelling, other than the creativity of the ad? There seems to be a leap in logic from the funny commentary, to the actual sales process.  

I don’t know the numbers but Pringles seems to be a pretty successful brand. But Mission is in roughly the same category that does next to no advertising (that I know about).  I’m not sure you can draw any conclusions from this except from the obvious: success these days depends on a lot more than traditional advertising. And maybe that quality + price are a winning combination in these times.

Humor in advertising

Maybe this ad was a huge success. But there’s a danger when you bank on humor alone to sell your product. As a creative, a creative director or a marketing manager, you have to ask if the humor is related to underlying value proposition.

It’s something that Geico does very well in their TV and radio. I’m not sure Pringles nails it here, even though it’s a wonderfully funny piece.

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