Lies that hurt our profession, part 3

With all the consumer information available today, it’s amazing that companies continue to be Clintonesque in the way they they talk to the public. Unsurprisingly, car dealers seem to be the leaders in abusing truth and clarity.

I guess there’s no news to this, just disappointment that car dealers are reacting to the economic downturn by trying to put one over on people.

As is our practice, we’re not naming names here.

In our market, a car dealership that claims to be part of the largest dealership in the world is tells people via local radio that they can lease a well-regarded compact sedan for $179 a month. Hey, that sounds good. About 30 seconds later, the fast-talking guy starts with the fine print.

By the second or third point, he tells you that $2,999 is due upon signing.

They used all the best tricks. While complying with the letter of the law, they’ve done their best to make the disclaimers sound like an entirely different commercial. You’d have to be listening carefully to realize that the disclaimer is part of the same commercial.

How does the owner of this dealership think people will feel about his company when they visit the showroom to find they’ve been duped?

The public holds car dealers in fairly low regard in this country. This is just one more example of auto dealers getting low public esteem the old fashioned way. They’ve earned it.

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