A great thing about the web is that innovation comes from anywhere. Take the case of Alpha Inventions.

Alpha Inventions (┬áis a relatively new device by Cheru Jackson, who identifies himself as “a regular working guy with an apartment and an old car.” The purpose of his idea is to instantly identify new blog postings, so that bloggers can communicate with each other in something that approximates real time. The result is that information, comments and responses are fresh and timely.

To make a long story short, Jackson’s simple idea helps drive amazing amounts of traffic sites like mine. Within hours of visiting his site, I had 1500 new visitors. Now, my little site about marketing in general, and my work in particular. (If you’re interested in advertising, branding, marketing, etc., please poke around.) It’s just a vehicle for hosting some portfolio samples, case studies and resume-type stuff. I’ve never had more than 100 people visit it in one day.

Of course, those instant 1500 visitors are not targeted or segmented or qualified in any particular way, so they aren’t very relevant to my business goals. But I bet Mr. Jackson or someone else will come up with a way to make his idea more powerful for narrowly focused sites like mine, and for marketing commercial sites in general.

Are there any marketing professionals amongst all you new visitors? Check out Alpha Inventions. What do you think?

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  1. I have never used their AIID – but have these stats for you:
    10/3/2009 37 referral sources – none from AI
    116 page views = 97 pages + 19 returns

    On this day, I did not submit to Alpha Inventions.

    9/3/2009 161 referral sources – 129 from AI
    210 page views = 202 pages + 8 returns
    On this day, I submitted to Alpha Inventions I three times

    I have used Alpha Inventions to drive page views in the past and find that my return visitors are steadily increasing of their own accord.

    I also get flow on traffic to my other sites that are linked to my main site.

    Hope that helps.

    PS I have had up to 2000 in a day – but that was on a day when I specifically wrote an article about them.

  2. I’ve looked at Cheru’s site ( about 20 times now and I’m still a little fuzzy on how it works. But I do get a lot of traffic from it. Not sure it’s all “qualified” traffic — but interesting just the same.

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